“Battle of Berkeley:” 10 Facts of the Event

The so-called “Battle of Berkeley” took place on April 15, 2017 between President Donald Trump supporters and protestors. Here are 10 Facts of the event:

  1. Originally Started as a Pro-Trump Rally: A group of young Pro-Trump activists had originally planned this event to be a rally in support of the newly-elected President in the highly liberal city of Berkeley. It was decided well before the event was to take place that this was going to be a provocative event that would face much leftist opposition.
  2. Previous Berkeley Rallies: A Pro-Trump rally that had taken place in Berkeley a little over two months before the latest rally, dubbed the “First Battle of Berkeley,” featured a major fight between Trump supporters and Trump protestors. Berkeley was also the location where a speech to be given Conservative Activist Milo Yiannapolos was cancelled due to leftist opposition that included smashing windows and lighting trash on fire on the University of California-Berkeley campus.
  3. Police Beefed up Security Prior to the Event: Due to the past violence at the previous Pro-Trump rallies, the local police force bolstered their numbers by requesting more officers from local forces. The New York Post has also reported that police put up “makeshift barrier of plastic orange poles and orange fence mesh to separate both sides.”
  4. Leftist Groups Planned to Attend the Event: ANTIFA, the self-proclaimed “Anti-Fascist” group, had urged its supporters to attend the Pro-Trump rally to protest against the so-called “Fascist” President and his supporters. Some of the leaders of the ANTIFA group had also urged their followers to incite violence against the peaceful Trump supporters.
  5. Banned Items: According to the Berkeley Patch, police released a list of banned items prior to the event in anticipation of the leftist protestors bringing harmful weapons. Some included items were baseball bats, metal pipes, and bricks, all used in the first Berkeley riot to cause harm to Pro-Trumpers. Multiple sources have reported that the leftists continued their propensity to break law by bringing these items anyways.
  6. Number of People at the Rally: The New York Post has reported that there were at least 200 people from both sides at Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park. Exact numbers of people on either side are unknown.
  7. A Battle Breaks Out: A shouting match between Trump supporters and protestors turned violent when the protestors attack the Trump supporters with anything they had in their hands – sticks, pepper spray, and other items that could cause minor harm. The Trump supporters, many only armed with their signs, were forced to fight back with their fists.
  8. Police attempted to Break Up the Fight: Although they were rather slow at it, the large police force stationed at the event attempted to break up the fight by use of tear gas. They were eventually successful.
  9. 21 Arrested: In the aftermath of the battle, a grand total of 21 people were arrested from either side of the riot, including many of which were arrested for suspected assault with a deadly weapon.
  10. 11 Injured; 1 Stabbed: 11 people were injured at the end of the battle according to the LA Times. 6 were taken to the hospital, including one person who sustained a stab wound (weapon unknown). None of the injured persons are in serious condition.

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