9 Facts of the Easter Day Cleveland Facebook Shooting


The Suspect in this shooting is Steve Stephens, a 37-year-old black male who works as a job counselor for teens and young adults:

Stephens have been described as 6-feet-1-inches tall and 244 pounds and was last seen wearing a dark blue and grey or black striped polo shirt.

Mad at Girlfriend

Stephens indirectly named his motive to kill the man was because of issue with a woman named ‘Joy.’ The shooter said to the victim that “She’s the reason this is about to happen to you.” The ‘Joy’ mentioned in the video has been identified as Joy Lane, who claimed her and Stephens had been in a relationship for a few years. She offered her apologies for the turn of events but did not mention any problems that occurred between her and Stevens.


The victim was a 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr., a retired foundry worker who was walking on the street after his children’s Easter celebration. Mr. Godwin was participating in something he frequently does – pick up old aluminum cans and place them in a bag to later use in the construction of an object. The video shows that Mr. Godwin attempted to shield his face with the plastic bag to no avail.

Statements from family and friends show that Mr. Godwin was a good man who mostly minded to his own business. He was known in the community as the “junk man” due to his propensity to pick up old objects and concoct something new from them.

Victim Picked Randomly

Mr. Godwin has no relationship to the shooter, but was targeted randomly by Stephens. The video shows that Stephens randomly selected Mr. Godwin as a target, stopped his car in the street, and walked over to the victim.

Posted on Facebook

Shortly after the shooting, the shooter posted the video on his Facebook. Three hours later it was deleted for violation of Facebook’s guidelines for posting, but had spread to every other network by that time.

Suspect Claimed to have Murdered Others

A few hours after posting the video of the shooting, Stephens posted a video stating that he had killed over a dozen more people. Cleveland police are taking his words seriously but have not linked any recent shootings or deaths to Stephens.

Cellphone Pinged in Erie, PA

Police in Pennsylvania pinged Stephens’ cell phone and found that he is somewhere in Erie County, Pennsylvania. Eire police have confirmed they received the information and have notified citizens to be alert and on the lookout for Stephens.


Stephens have been described as 6-feet-1-inches tall and 244 pounds and was last seen wearing a dark blue and grey or black striped polo shirt. He was last seen driving this Ford Fusion with temporary license plate tags:

Residents in the states surrounding Ohio have been notified to keep an eye open for Stephens, who police believed is armed and dangerous and willing to kill anyone he sees.

Suspect Killed Himself

Stephens killed himself after a short police chase. Police were able to deactivate his car and Stephens shot himself to avoid being caught.


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