10 Facts of the Fresno Shooting

(RWB) Fresno, California – Here are the ten facts of the latest mass shooting:

The Shooter

The suspect in the latest shooting is Kori Ali Muhammad, a 39-year-old black male.

His social media profiles show his anti-white sentiment and his hate especially aimed at the new President and Vice President. Muhammad was also an avid watcher of the Young Turks YouTube account and many of the left-slanted mainstream media channels like CNN.

Muhammad had experienced hallucinations and was considered mentally ill.

Shooter has a Criminal Record

Muhammad had a vast criminal record before this latest shooting. His past crimes include weapons charges, drug charges, and making terroristic threats.

In fact, Muhammad had a warrant out for his arrest for a completely separate shooting involving a motel security guard. Muhammad shot a 25-year-old guard but was not arrested until after this latest tragedy.

“Wanted to Kill as Many People”

Police have stated that Muhammad had a mindset to kill more and more people, especially those who were white.

Shooting Took Place in Fresno, California

This tragic shooting took place in Fresno, California. It should be noted that the state of California and this area specifically have very strict gun control laws. This recent shooting shows criminals’ determination to get guns despite what the law says.

Sequence of Events

The shooter first shot a passenger of a Pacific Gas & Electric Co. truck, but the driver was able to drive away unharmed to alert police. Muhammad shot at a random person on the street and missed. He then shot at another random person on the street who was carrying a bag of groceries and hit them. Lastly, Muhammad fatally shot a woman in the parking lot of a charity building.

Spared Two Non-Whites

It is said that Muhammad pointed his gun at two Latino woman, but spared them as they didn’t fit his narrative of an “evil white person” (he posted this on his Facebook age some point in the past).

16 Rounds Fired

Muhammad fired 16 rounds into the crowd from a gun he tossed into a pile of laundry on the street. Police are still looking for the gun even though Muhammad has told police everything they need to know.

Three Dead

A total of three people were killed in the shooting: the Pacific Gas & Electric Co. worker, the person walking down holding groceries, and the charity worker standing in the non-profit’s parking lot. This                         shooting does count as a mass shooting.

“Allah Akbar”

The shooter yelled “Allah Akbar” during his arrest. He also commented this on his Facebook many times.

“Allah Akbar” is the Arabic slogan meaning “God is Great” that is frequently used before or during a Muslim is performing a terroristic act. However, police aren’t calling this a terrorist attack. (Read more below).


Muhammad has been charged with four counts of murder for the four total people killed in the two separate shootings.

He has claimed to be insane in court thus far, but his countless posts on Facebook show that his anti-white sentiment was very drawn out. His insanity plea will not stand up in court.

Hate Crime, Not Terrorism

Police are calling this attack a hate crime, not a terrorist attack despite the shout of “Allah Akbar” by the shooter after his heinous crime. The mainstream media has reported it as a hate crime as well.


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