25 Facts: The Truth About Illegal Immigration in the United States

Here is the truth about illegal immigration in the United States in 25 facts:

There are 11.1 Million Illegal Immigrants in the United States:

Pew Research Center has reported that there is a total of 11.1 undocumented immigrants in the United States as of 2014, which constitutes about 3.5% of the total population in the U.S.

Net Migration has Been Negative:

In the past few years, the number of illegal immigrants heading back to their home country is greater than the number of illegal immigrants entering the United States. Surprisingly enough, this trend starting happening during the immigration-friendly Obama administration.

Illegal Immigrants Cost Taxpayers $113 Billion per Year:

A study by FAIRUS (Federation for American Immigration Reform) of the financial burden of illegal immigrants has shown that illegal immigrants cost taxpayers about $113 billion per year. Much of this burden is put on state and county taxpayers for local programs that illegal immigrants use, such as public schooling.

Illegal Immigrants Cost Each Native, Tax-Paying Household About $1,117:

Would you be willing to write a large check for someone who has committed a crime by coming to country illegally? According to experts, each native, tax-paying household contributes about $1,117 of their own money to support illegal immigrants throughout the country.

Illegal Immigrants Cost Taxpayers $52 Billion to Fund their Education:

The largest burden illegal immigrants are putting on tax-paying citizens is in the education. Laws like the Dream Act have allowed many undocumented students to remain in the United States to further continue their education, putting more strain on local resources to pay for an illegal immigrant’s education that the illegal children are receiving for free.

Illegals Cost the Government $20,000 more than They Pay in Taxes:

A study by the Heritage Foundation has shown that low-skilled immigrants (both legal and illegal) cost the Government $20,000 more than they pay in taxes. Since illegal immigrants were included in this study, it shows that many are paying far less than they should and placing the burden upon legal taxpayers.

Illegal Immigrants Receive a Combined $1.6 billion in Unemployment Insurance Each Year:

David North from the Center of Immigration Studies estimates that illegal immigrants receive about $1.6 billion in Unemployment Insurance every year. This serves as a reason for illegals to stay in this country even if they happen to lose their job.

Cost $1.4 to $2.1 Billion per Year on Food Stamps:

A Washington Examiner report has found that illegal immigrants cost the federal government about $1.4 billion to $2.1 billion yearly in food stamps cost. These illegals receive these benefits despite their ineligibility for the program.

Many Illegal Immigrants Simply did not “Jump the Border:”

A report by The Week has shown that many of the illegal immigrants currently in the United States are simply not Border Jumpers. Instead, about 40% of these undocumented immigrants have overstayed their visa. While officials may be able to identify a person with an overstayed visa, the person is still undocumented and still illegal.

Nationalities of Illegal Immigrants:

The Week has reported that about 5.5 million of the 11.1 million illegal immigrants are from Mexico. This comes as no surprise since the United States and Mexico share a border. Other countries that illegal immigrants have come from are a host of Central American and Southern American countries.

Illegal Immigrants Generate $500 Billion In Economic Output per Year:

A study by the Morning Call shows that illegal immigrants generate about $500 billion in economic output per year by taking on low-skilled jobs. This does not mean that these illegals pay taxes on their salaries , but only that they do have a positive effect on the economy. However, they obtained a job in violation of U.S. laws.

Illegal Immigrants Reduce Wages:

A study by Michael McDonald, PhD, Assistant Professor in Finance at Fairfield University, has shown that as soon as a few illegal immigrants take a job in a certain field in a certain area, wages are reduced in that field in that area. Much of this stems from the illegals’ willingness to take a lower salary as compared to a native worker. This can negatively affect an area, as an individual would be less likely to move to an area for work when wages are lower across an entire field.

Illegal Immigrants Strain Police Forces:

Having a large amount of illegal immigrants in a town could put a huge strain on local law enforcement, as illegal immigrants are more likely to commit a crime as opposed to a native born (Source: Fox News). Also, providing extra security along borders is a bill that ends up being footed by local forces and requires large numbers of police officers to guard the border from illegals.

Strain Medical Providers – and You:

Under Obamacare, every American is required to have health insurance. The same rule does not apply to illegal immigrants. The Law allows illegal immigrants to receive emergency medical care without having an insurance plan, essentially passing the bill onto those citizens with health insurance. The Federation for American Immigration Reform ran a test in Texas to determine the actual burden illegals are putting onto Texans and found that medical care for illegal immigrants costs about $12.1 billion per year of taxpayer money, or about $1,200 per household. Ultimately, the burden gets passed onto the Texan people to pay for people who should technically be in this country.

Illegal Immigrants Do Pay Taxes:

An Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy study revealed that illegal immigrants paid approximately $12 billion in state, local, and sales taxes in the fiscal year 2012. That’s great, but that $12 billion pales in comparison to the $113 billion spent annually on illegal immigrants. However, a conflicting report by CNS News shows that although about half of illegals file their taxes, many do not pay them. Instead, they are given refundable tax credits, a form of cash welfare.

Removing Each Illegal Would Cost from $400 Billion to $600 billion:

The Week has reported that forcibly removing illegal immigrants by use of the National Guard or ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) would cost a grand total of $400 billion to $600 billion. President Donald Trump has said that he wants to round up and deport every illegal, but this makes no financial sense as the price tag is astronomically high.

There are 1.2 Illegal Immigrants at Large:

An ICE report shows that there are at least 1.2 million illegal immigrants at large in the United States. These illegals are at large for crimes other than the crime of illegally living the United States. Some quick math shows that about 10% of illegal immigrants in the United States are at large for some type of crimes.

27% of Prison Population:

A Heritage Foundation study has shown that approximately 27% of the prisoners in United States prisons are illegal immigrants. This number is higher in states along the Mexican-American border, such as New Mexico, where a little under half of prisoners are illegals. A separate study shows that these illegal alien criminals in prisons cost the Government about $1.6 billion a year.

Illegal Immigrants are Prosecuted on 75% of Drug Charges:

The United States Sentencing Commission has reported that of the 2,200 drug possession charges filed in 2014, 75% of the charges filed were against illegal immigrants. Considering that many of the countries illegals are leaving to head to the United States are overrun by drug cartels, this comes at no surprise.

Illegal Immigrants are 3X More Likely to Commit a Crime:

A Fox News report shows that a disproportionate number of criminals are coming into the United States. The same report shows any given illegal immigrant is 3X more likely to commit a crime as opposed to a legal citizen.

High Crime Rates Along the Border:

The Mexican-American border has become a hotbed for crime, led by the host of  illegal immigrants entering the area. Judicial Watch has stated that about 40% of federal offenses involved immigration, with about 22% of these crimes involving drugs and about 20% involving violent crime.

3/4 of Most Wanted Criminals are Illegal Immigrants:

3/4 of the most wanted criminals in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Albuquerque are illegal immigrants. Both LA and Albuquerque are sanctuary cities, meaning that illegals can live in this city without fear of deportation.

Forming Gangs:

The most potent gang in California, MS-13, is comprised almost completely of illegal immigrants. The crime syndicate has consistently looked to bolster its ranks by recruiting more and more illegal immigrants to carry out their highly illegal crimes.

Deportations have Continued to Drop:

An ICE report has shown that deportations fell dramatically from 2012-2016: (picture). Surprisingly enough, deportations were on the rise during President Barack Obama’s first term in office before falling off a cliff during his second term. This number is expected to rise to never-seen-before levels during the Trump Administration.

The Current Administration has Aimed to Fix the Illegal Immigration Problem:

The Trump Administration has made it a main goal to fix the illegal immigration problem in the United States. Whether it is planning to defund Sanctuary Cities, planning to build a wall, or mentioning rounding up all illegals and deporting them, President Trump has been attempting to quell the flow of illegals into the country, as the above facts prove that they are both a financial burden and many commit serious crimes.

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