4 Facts About the El Chapo Bill

Here are the facts on the “El Chapo Act,” a bill aimed to help fund the border wall that President Donald Trump has so adamantly advocated for.

Proposed by Ted Cruz

The “El Chapo Act” is a bill proposed by Republican Senator Ted Cruz, a runner up in the 2016 GOP Primaries to current United States President Donald Trump.

Shortly after the election of President Trump, Senator Cruz agreed to work with the President on many different issues. The Senator agreed to especially help with one issue particularly close to home, the movement of drugs and people across the Mexican-American border. Texas, which is along the border, has been a major entry point for many illegal immigrants and drugs to enter the country, and Cruz has promised to work with the President to crack down on this major issue.

Senator Cruz has agreed to help the President construct a wall along the Mexican-American border to quell the flow of people and drugs across the border. Although President Trump has had a hard time finding a way to fund his project, Senator Cruz may have come up with the solution in his latest proposed bill:

He Wants – and Might Have – $14 Billion to Pay for Wall

The objective of the El Chapo Act is to take an approximately $14 billion of confiscated money of the drug kingpin Jose Guzman (known as El Chapo) and use it to fund the border wall.

Senator Cruz has stated that “Fourteen billion dollars will go a long way toward building a wall that will keep Americans safe and hinder the illegal flow of drugs, weapons, and individuals across our southern border” in a statement to Breitbart Texas.

Experts have estimated the cost of the wall will be anywhere from $15 billion to $50 billion, meaning that the seized money will not cover the entire cost of the wall. The money is great, but the main plan is to use money formerly obtained from selling drugs to stop the movement of drugs across the border.

Support of Lawmakers

Ted Cruz already has one influential politician praising the bill: former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Mr. Gingrich fired off a series of tweets supporting Senator Cruz’ El Chapo Act:

Whether or not Senator Cruz’ bill will be able to pass through the Senate and House is yet to be seen. One thing is certain: This is one of the oddest bills that will hit the Senate or House floor.

Money Was Obtained Through Drug Trade

The money the Federal Government is attempting to seize from Guzman was obtained during Guzman’s reign at the Sinaloa Cartel. The cartel, with Guzman at the helm, was able to push billions of dollars of drugs into the U.S. through the border and other illegal methods.

El Chapo is currently in U.S. custody after the agreement between the Mexican and American governments to extradite Guzman to the United States. Guzman is wanted in the United States in connection for the murder of at least three people, one of which was a U.S. citizen.

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