Former FBI Director expected to speak in front of Senate Intelligence Committee

Mr. Comey will testify on June 8, 2017, and is expected to speak about Various Topics

On Thursday, June 8, 2017, former FBI director James Comey will speak in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

It will be his first public statements since his firing, discounting the fake “Comey Memo” that multiple news agencies reported on yet never saw.

Mr. Comey is expected to speak on a variety of topics relating to the Trump administration, specifically if President Trump asked him to end the FBI investigation into Michael Flynn, President Trump’s former national security advisor.

However, Mr. Comey is expected to avoid talking about the FBI investigation into any Trump/Russia collusion.

Trump Allies are setting up a “War Room” to counter Mr. Comey

Allies of the President are preparing to take shots at the former FBI director, including peppering him with questions about his handling of the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal.

The Republican National Convention already has a few points to make going into the hearing, including why Mr. Comey, if he was so concerned, did not notify Congress about his conversations with the President.

The Trump-supporting Great American Alliance will run an advertisement on both CNN and Fox News in the next few days that labels the former FBI director as a “showboat” who was “consumed with election meddling.”

President Trump: “I wish him luck”

One reporter asked the President about the upcoming hearing, and the reporter received a vague response: “I wish him luck.”

It is unclear what the meaning of the statement is at this point, but it is no secret that the President is no fan of James Comey.

Shortly after firing the former FBI director, Mr. Trump tweeted out threatening tweets aimed at Mr. Comey, including that he had tapes about their conversations.

AP and NYT sources said Mr. Comey does not want to be alone with Mr. Trump

Two highly credible news agency, the Associated Press and the New York Times, received Intel from their sources that James Comey asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to assure him that he would not have to be with the President alone.

The New York Times reported on the issue first, and noted that the request came soon after President Trump allegedly asked Mr. Comey to end the FBI investigation into Michael Flynn.

In addition, the former FBI director stated that the conversations were “inappropriate,” but cited no specific information about the talks.

Mr. Sessions responded that he could not guarantee that Mr. Comey would not be alone with Mr. Trump.

The former FBI Director was fired, but there is still a debate why

On May 9, James Comey was fired from his role of FBI director for failure to settle any major cases, at least by the Trump administration’s standards.

Soon after the firing, Democrats were quick to quip that the President fired Mr. Comey as part of a large cover-up of any Trump/Russia collusion. However, this collusion is a far-left conspiracy theory at best, as believers in this theory have presented zero proof for their argument.

As noted earlier, Mr. Comey is not expected to speak about any links between the Trump administration and Russia.


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