The Definitive Guide: President Donald Trump’s Border Wall

President Donald Trump wants to build a Wall to Keep Illegal Immigrants – and the Problems associated with them – out

During his campaign, President Donald Trump promised to build a wall along the American-Mexican border to keep illegal immigrants out of the country.

However, included in his plan to halt the flow of people is to also stop many of the problems associated with the illegals, many of which are negative for the United States.

Some facts on illegal immigration and illegal immigrants.

  1. Illegal Immigrants cost a collective $113 Billion per year
  2. Illegal Immigrants Cost Each Native, Tax-Paying Household About $1,117
  3. Illegal Immigrants are 3X More Likely to Commit a Crime
  4. Illegal Immigrants Reduces Wages in a Field in an Area
  5. ¾ of people on ‘Most Wanted List’ are Illegal Immigrants

A main argument against the wall is that it will not actually deter illegal immigrants from entering the country. However, the President has attempted to assure everyone that it will: “Walls work. Just ask Israel.”

The Border Wall will be a Costly Venture

During the campaign trail, President Donald Trump estimated the border wall would cost about $12 billion to build. Republicans Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell put the figure a little higher at $15 billion.

Democrats, on the contrary, have been saying the cost would be much higher than what the Republicans estimated, putting the number at $70 billion and above.

However, a Department of Homeland Security report seen by Reuters put the cost at about $21.6 billion, a figure higher than the Republicans estimated and much lower than the Dems hypothesized.

In addition, the same report also showed that the wall would take up to 3.5 years to be fully constructed.

Sources: Reuters – “Exclusive – Trump border ‘wall’ to cost $21.6 billion, take 3.5 years to build: internal report,” NBC – “Donald Trump’s Border Wall: A ‘Progress’ Report”

The Source of Funding is Unknown at this point

During his campaign, now-President Donald Trump promised to make Mexico pay for the wall. As expected, Mexican President Enrique Nieto forcefully told Trump that his country would not.

Of course, Mr. Nieto was mistakenly thinking that he would have to send a check to Capitol Hill, but there are varieties of other options:

  1. The Border Wall Funding Act of 2017: Proposed by Mike Rogers (R-Ala), the bill puts a 2% tax on the approximately 24.3 billion sent to Mexico in remittances each year. Source: NPR – “A Proposed New Tax, Mainly On Latinos, To Pay For Trump’s Border Wall”
  2. Taxing Imports from Mexico: By levying taxes on imports from Mexico, the United States would gain a large portion of new tax revenue that would eventually pay off the full price of the wall. Source: Washington Post – “Yes, Trump can make Mexico pay for the border wall. Here’s how.”

The current plan is to have taxpayer dollars cover some of the early costs, and enact a later plan to cover the costs. However, most believe that taxpayers will end up footing the bill for the entire project.

Other Pertinent Information on the Wall

  1. The Mexican-American Border is approximately 2,000 miles in length, with about 694 miles of that length already blocked off by a fence or a wall.
  2. One of the biggest challenges of building the wall is acquiring the land along the border, much of which is owned by private businesses or private citizens.
  3. President Trump wants the wall to be physically imposing, proposing a plan to build the wall up to 30 feet in some areas.
  4. Construction for the wall has not started yet, and a start date is unknown at this point.
  5. Contrary to what the President has said before, much of the border will be guarded by a fence as opposed to a full-fledged wall.

President Trump wants to make the Wall environmentally friendly

In addition to attempting to keep illegal immigrants from entering the United States, President Donald Trump proposed a plan that would help the environment, too.

In a meeting with congressional leaders, the President proposed covering his border wall with solar panels, a move that he believes would help pay for the wall.

This proposal came shortly after President Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate deal, a pact between hundreds of nations in an effort to reduce pollution and reverse global warming.

The President stated that he would like Congress to discuss the matter, but only if the credit was given to him for concocting the idea.

In response to the news (which was first reported on Axios), that there are already at least two proposals to help with this plan.

Thomas Gleason, founder of solar energy company Gleason Partners LLC, submitted a formal proposal in April, long before the President proposed the idea. He said the project would pay itself back in about five years.

Sources: AOL – “Trump floats idea of a ‘solar’ border wall — and proposals are already on the table,” CNN – “Trump suggests border wall with solar panels”

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