Following President Trump’s Plans, a new Coal Mine opens in Pennsylvania

(RWB) After vowing to “Make Coal Great Again” and bring back coal jobs, a new mine opened under President Donald Trump. Here are the facts of this opening:

Following President Trump’s Plans, a new Coal Mine opens in Pennsylvania

On Thursday, June 8, 2017, a new mine run by Corsa Coal Company opened its doors.

Operating in Somerset County, PA (just outside of Pittsburgh), the mine represents a return to the roots an area that once produced a large amount of coal for the United States.

It “will be a boon to the struggling local economy”

During a video to laud the new opening, Corsa CEO George Dethlefson said that the mine “will be a boon to the struggling local economy.”

A longtime host on a Harrisburg radio station, R.J. Harris, reiterated Mr. Dethlefson’s thoughts by stating that the mine will be a “shot in the arm” for the economy.

Mr. Dethlefson also said that about 400 people applied for the 70 initial job openings, and there may be up to 100 full time jobs as production picks up.

This new Mine follows one of the President’s campaign promises

During his campaign and following presidency, President Donald Trump has promised to support coal miners and revamp a dying industry.

On March 28, 2017, President Trump signed an executive order that reversed a ban on coal leasing on federal lands, end rulings curbing methane emissions from oil and gas consumption, and reduces the weight of climate change and carbon emissions in policy and infrastructure permitting decisions.

During a speech announcing his plan to pull out the Paris Climate Deal, the President alluded to the opening of the mine: “We’re having a big opening in two weeks … a big opening of a brand-new mine.”

The President originally planned to attend opening, but instead recorded a video that played during the opening.

He said: “One by one, we’re eliminating the regulations that threaten your jobs, and that’s one of the big reasons you’re opening today: Less regulation.”

He also added: “We have withdrawn the United States from the horrendous Paris climate accord, something that would have put our country back decades and decades, we would have never allowed ourselves to be great again.”

In addition to his statements on the matter, a few Trump-esque “Make Coal Great Again” items were spread throughout the event.

The Opening Contrasts the Actions of the current PA Governor

During the opening of the mine, Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf said the “mine was part of an effort to bring back jobs and industry to the state.”

He also said, “We have not always capitalized on our standing as one of the world’s leaders in these resources, but we’re changing that.”

Mr. Wolf also granted about $3 million to the project, helping fund the total $15 million undertaking.

However, his words and funding for the program during the event contrast to his prior actions on the issue.

During the Presidential election campaigns, Mr. Wolf was an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton, who promised to “put a lot of coal miners out of work.”

The Pennsylvanian governor is also a firm supporter of the Paris Climate Accord, which levies regulations on industries like coal in an effort to reverse the effects of climate change.

The Coal Industry has been rapidly declining recently

In recent years, coal was been in a downturn due to a combination of cheaper natural gas and severe environmental regulations put into place by former President Barack Obama.

Many mines are closing (over a dozen are planning to close this year) and many former miners are out of jobs, but openings like this offer a glimmer of hope for both companies and workers.

Still, many experts on the subject believe that the addition of jobs is only temporary, as automation is expected to be able to replace many of the workers.


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