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4 Facts About the El Chapo Bill

Here are the facts on the “El Chapo Act,” a bill aimed to help fund the border wall that President Donald Trump has so adamantly advocated for. Proposed by Ted Cruz The “El Chapo Act” is a bill proposed by… Continue Reading →

10 Facts: The Truth About the French Election Results

Here are the facts of the recent French Election Results: Rankings Here are the top five vote getters from the French Election: Emmanuel Macron: 24% Marine Le Pen: 21.3% Francois Fillon: 20% Jean Luc Melenchon: 19.6% Benoit Hamon: 6.4% Note… Continue Reading →

25 Facts: The Truth About Illegal Immigration in the United States

Here is the truth about illegal immigration in the United States in 25 facts: There are 11.1 Million Illegal Immigrants in the United States: Pew Research Center has reported that there is a total of 11.1 undocumented immigrants in the… Continue Reading →

10 Facts: The Truth About the Upcoming French Election

Examining the Facts of the Upcoming French Election to Go Along with Breakdowns of each of the Major Candidates.

10 Fast Facts: France Police Shooting

10 Facts of the Latest Terrorist Attack on French Soil.

10 Facts of the Fresno Shooting

(RWB) Fresno, California – Here are the ten facts of the latest mass shooting: The Shooter The suspect in the latest shooting is Kori Ali Muhammad, a 39-year-old black male. His social media profiles show his anti-white sentiment and his… Continue Reading →

9 Facts of the Easter Day Cleveland Facebook Shooting

Suspect The Suspect in this shooting is Steve Stephens, a 37-year-old black male who works as a job counselor for teens and young adults: Stephens have been described as 6-feet-1-inches tall and 244 pounds and was last seen wearing a… Continue Reading →

10 Facts of North Korea’s Failed Missile Launching

Here is everything there is to know about North Korea’s Failed Missile Launching: 1. Medium-Range Missile The missile that was fired from the mainland was only a medium-range missile. “Only” meaning that it was non-nuclear and did not have the… Continue Reading →

“Battle of Berkeley:” 10 Facts of the Event

The so-called “Battle of Berkeley” took place on April 15, 2017 between President Donald Trump supporters and protestors. Here are 10 Facts of the event: Originally Started as a Pro-Trump Rally: A group of young Pro-Trump activists had originally planned… Continue Reading →

ISIS Bomb Kills 37 Christians in Egypt; Hundreds more Injured

TANTA, EGYPT – A series of Bombs went off in two separate Coptic Christian Churches in Egypt this morning as worshippers were celebrating the feast of Palm Sunday. The Islamic Terror Group ISIS has claimed responsibility for both attacks. The… Continue Reading →

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