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5 Facts: Jared Kushner Attempted to Set Up a Secret Back Channel Between Trump Officials and Russia

In this latest post, we examine the facts of the latest revelation into the Trump/Russia scandal: that Mr. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, attempted to set up a secret back channel between the Russians and officials in the Trump administration.

5 Facts: Jacob Schwartz, Young Democratic Operative, Arrested for Possession of Child Porn

Young Democratic Operative Jacob Schwartz was arrested yesterday for his possession of a large database of child pornography on his computer. Here are the facts of the case.

10 Facts of the Trump/Russia Investigation

A look into the Trump/Russia Investigation, summed up into ten facts.

25 Facts: The Truth About Illegal Immigration in the United States

Here is the truth about illegal immigration in the United States in 25 facts: There are 11.1 Million Illegal Immigrants in the United States: Pew Research Center has reported that there is a total of 11.1 undocumented immigrants in the… Continue Reading →

10 Facts of North Korea’s Failed Missile Launching

Here is everything there is to know about North Korea’s Failed Missile Launching: 1. Medium-Range Missile The missile that was fired from the mainland was only a medium-range missile. “Only” meaning that it was non-nuclear and did not have the… Continue Reading →

“Battle of Berkeley:” 10 Facts of the Event

The so-called “Battle of Berkeley” took place on April 15, 2017 between President Donald Trump supporters and protestors. Here are 10 Facts of the event: Originally Started as a Pro-Trump Rally: A group of young Pro-Trump activists had originally planned… Continue Reading →

Fact Sheet: 5 Facts of the Nuclear Option

A major argument has ensued over the nomination of Neil Gorsuch as Supreme Court Justice by President Donald Trump. With only a 52-48 majority in the Senate, Republicans have faced a tough time getting Gorsuch confirmed in a timely manner…. Continue Reading →

5 Facts of the Rockville Rape Case

Over the span of this week, a monumental incident has taken over the national stage without any reporting by the mainstream media – the Rockville Rape Case. In short, two 17+ year old students raped a 14 year old in… Continue Reading →

10 Facts of the British Parliament Attack (Facts/Summary)

Earlier today, there was an attack on the British Parliament. For the first time in a while, the United Kingdom was attacked in what is now considered a terroristic act. It also happened in one of the most historic and… Continue Reading →

Donald Trump’s 2018 Proposed Budget (Facts/Summary)

A factual breakdown of Donald Trump’s 2018 Proposed Budget.

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