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Policy Guide: President Donald Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

The complete guide to President Donald Trump’s Infrastructure Plan.

Following President Trump’s Plans, a new Coal Mine opens in Pennsylvania

After promising to “Make Coal Great Again” and bring back coal jobs, a new mine opened under President Donald Trump. Here are the facts of this opening.

President Donald Trump’s Tax Reform: The Definitive Guide

As part of his promised “America first” political agenda, President Donald Trump has proposed a series of massive tax cuts for businesses and citizens alike.

Here are the facts of President Donald Trump’s Tax Reform.

The Definitive Guide: President Donald Trump’s Border Wall

All of the pertinent information on President Donald Trump’s Border Wall into one article.

5 Facts: President Donald Trump’s Travel Ban

After the terror threats that have occurred in first-world countries in the past few years, mainly due to the spreading influence of radical Islam and a large flow of migrants, have caused President Donald Trump to concoct a deal that prevents future terror attacks on American Soil. Here are the facts of the so-called Travel Ban.

5 Facts: President Trump’s Proposed Budget Requires Work for Food Stamps

In his newly proposed budget for the fiscal year 2018, President Donald Trump is forcing able-bodied Food Stamps recipients to work for their benefits. Here are the facts of this move.

Job Growth under President Donald Trump – Breakdowns of Monthly Job Reports

Examining the job growth under President Donald Trump by way of Infographics and Charts.

5 Facts: President Trump Signs Waiver that Keeps U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv

Today, President Donald Trump signed a waiver that would keep the U.S. embassy in Israel in Tel Aviv, pushing his campaign promise to the side in hopes of peace between Israel and Palestine. Here are the facts of the signing:

5 Facts: CIA, FBI, NSA Subpoenaed by House Intelligence Committee

On Wednesday afternoon, the House Intelligence Committee issued seven subpoenas – including three to the intelligence agencies – in an effort to secure more information regarding any Trump/Russia ties. Here are five facts of the panel’s actions.

5 Facts: President Trump to pull out of Paris Climate Deal, Multiple Reports Say

According to Multiple Reports, President Trump will exit from the Paris Climate Agreement. Here are the facts of the deal and the President’s plan.

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