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4 Facts About the El Chapo Bill

Here are the facts on the “El Chapo Act,” a bill aimed to help fund the border wall that President Donald Trump has so adamantly advocated for. Proposed by Ted Cruz The “El Chapo Act” is a bill proposed by… Continue Reading →

5 Fast Facts: The New GOP Repeal and Replace Bill

Examining the 5 Facts of the Republicans’ renewed effort to Repeal and Replace Obamacare.

10 Facts of the Fresno Shooting

(RWB) Fresno, California – Here are the ten facts of the latest mass shooting: The Shooter The suspect in the latest shooting is Kori Ali Muhammad, a 39-year-old black male. His social media profiles show his anti-white sentiment and his… Continue Reading →

9 Facts of the Easter Day Cleveland Facebook Shooting

Suspect The Suspect in this shooting is Steve Stephens, a 37-year-old black male who works as a job counselor for teens and young adults: Stephens have been described as 6-feet-1-inches tall and 244 pounds and was last seen wearing a… Continue Reading →

“Battle of Berkeley:” 10 Facts of the Event

The so-called “Battle of Berkeley” took place on April 15, 2017 between President Donald Trump supporters and protestors. Here are 10 Facts of the event: Originally Started as a Pro-Trump Rally: A group of young Pro-Trump activists had originally planned… Continue Reading →

Neil Gorsuch Confirmation Vote: The Numbers, Facts, and Summary

Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation vote in the Senate is scheduled to take place on Thursday, April 7, 2017, after debate between Republicans and Democrats ended rather abruptly on Monday. The Republicans were able to confirm Mr. Gorsuch, and here are… Continue Reading →

US and UK Ban Select Electronics from Middle Eastern Countries

Typically, a passenger on any airline can carry a choice of an electronic to their seat to enjoy during the flight. Now, that has changed. Passengers from major airports in Amman, Jordan; Kuwait City, Kuwait; Cairo; Istanbul; Jeddah and Riyadh,… Continue Reading →

5 Takeaways from FBI Director James Comey’s House Hearing

During a House Hearing to discuss President Trump’s wiretapping claim and any Trump-Russian ties, FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Michael Rogers made some stunning statements not only regarding the two aforementioned main issues, but other highly controversial topics… Continue Reading →

Donald Trump’s 2018 Proposed Budget (Facts/Summary)

A factual breakdown of Donald Trump’s 2018 Proposed Budget.

INTRUDER AT THE WHITE HOUSE: Man Scales Fence to Meet with Trump

Last night, a man by the name Jonathan T. Tran scaled the White House Fence in what he called an attempt to simply speak to the President. Tran, a Californian native, claimed he is a friend of President Donald Trump,… Continue Reading →

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