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10 Fast Facts: France Police Shooting

10 Facts of the Latest Terrorist Attack on French Soil.

10 Facts of North Korea’s Failed Missile Launching

Here is everything there is to know about North Korea’s Failed Missile Launching: 1. Medium-Range Missile The missile that was fired from the mainland was only a medium-range missile. “Only” meaning that it was non-nuclear and did not have the… Continue Reading →

ISIS Bomb Kills 37 Christians in Egypt; Hundreds more Injured

TANTA, EGYPT – A series of Bombs went off in two separate Coptic Christian Churches in Egypt this morning as worshippers were celebrating the feast of Palm Sunday. The Islamic Terror Group ISIS has claimed responsibility for both attacks. The… Continue Reading →

10 Facts of the British Parliament Attack (Facts/Summary)

Earlier today, there was an attack on the British Parliament. For the first time in a while, the United Kingdom was attacked in what is now considered a terroristic act. It also happened in one of the most historic and… Continue Reading →

US and UK Ban Select Electronics from Middle Eastern Countries

Typically, a passenger on any airline can carry a choice of an electronic to their seat to enjoy during the flight. Now, that has changed. Passengers from major airports in Amman, Jordan; Kuwait City, Kuwait; Cairo; Istanbul; Jeddah and Riyadh,… Continue Reading →

Orly Airport Attack (Facts/Summary)

Yesterday, a civilian was shot to death in the Orly Airport in Paris, France, when he attempted to grab a soldier’s gun. The Associated Press has just now reported that the man had taken the Special Forces officer hostage with… Continue Reading →

Trump’s New and Revised Travel Ban 2.0 (Facts/Summary) + POLL

After his first travel ban was blocked by a court, President Donald Trump did not back down on his promise to temporarily (the keyword here) halt the refugee program to fix what Trump considers a broken immigration system that is… Continue Reading →

Another Day, Another Terrorist Attack in Germany and Another Rape in Sweden

In the world of politics, today was a rather abnormal day. In a 24 hour period, President Trump said he will skip the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and the Oscars are going to be a huge liberal media party. In… Continue Reading →

Suicide Bomb Attempt Foiled in France | Facts and Summary

Already on high alert, French anti-terrorism police raid an apartment to find materials used to build a bomb and a 16 year old girl that had been tracked for making jihadist comments.

A Wall is Being Built, and It’s not Along the Mexican-American Border

France is replacing the fence around the Eiffel Tower with a bulletproof, 2.5 m high glass wall to keep their most popular monument safe.

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